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Let's Build a List - Maybe even Including NIST :-)

There have been many publicly acknowledged adoptions of SABSA (such ad the UK Ministry of Defense, Canadian Government, The World Bank, Westpac (a top-tier bank in Australia) and a number of Australian Government agencies - to mention just a few.

We're inviting you to nominate here if your own company or government department has also adopted SABSA.

There's some recent news out of the United States where NIST has shown interest in SABSA in a number of areas.

I will quote the following directly from the SABSA Group on LinkedIn   More >>

SABSA Online training - World-First Announced at COSAC SABSA Forum!

Always wanted SABSA Online Training Courses, Blended Training, high-powered/readily available Consulting, and even support Software?

That's exactly what was announced at COSAC this week with the launch SABSA Services International - a combination of ALC Training Limited (the world's biggest SABSA Accredited Education Provider) with new divisions providing the online, consulting, software and support components.

Read all about it at the SABSA Services International Consulting, Software and Training Courses web site.

After You Create Your Account

Important update: Please note the sentence in the body of this message: "if I can't tell who you are by your login name or email address, I won't upgrade you". Just creating an account and asking for an upgrade is not enough if there is no information, in the request email at least, that identifies you adequately. Now, back to the original message . . .
As long as you're a serious SABSA type and not an intruder, please, please drop me a note (Contact Us) so I can upgrade your account. Otherwise there will be things you never get to see . . .   More >>

Spammers Strike!

We've had to tighten up permissions after a string of spam messages entered into the Risk Management section - half a dozen long ones selling shoes and all sorts of rubbish. We killed some, we'll be back tomorrow to delete the rest of them. Crying

It's now more important than ever for you to request the upgrade to Member status, as you won't be able to post at all without it. A small number of posts by non-members also disappeared when we rebuilt with the new permissions.

Free Flights, Registration & Call for Papers Now Open for SABSA World Congress, 19 - 23 September 2010

Important news in this bulletin:
- Fly Free to COSAC & SABSA World Congress 19-23 Sept 2010;
- Call For Papers open until Friday 2 April;
- Registration now open;
- Rates remain frozen at 2008 prices (Euro rate);
- Sponsorship now available.   More >>

Just about to do it...

Just about to sign up for the SABSA foundation certificate. So far I think the framework is great and the roadmap is very practical.

However, I find that there are very little discussion of SABSA with regards to CISSP, CISA and how it compliments these?

Any feedback from those who have already started the journey will be great too.

Also, is there a way to know how many "master" and "practitioner" are there? The ISC2 have a site that list all CISSPs, do we have something like that?

Kind Regards,

Fresh look & feel?


First 5 mins here.
Just a quick observation about the website design... eh it is a little yesterday Smile

Is it not possible to go to some nice Joomla or Drupal or even WordPress site? They provides more customisation and is easily implemented. It also provides ability to grow it. And apart from implementation time, they are close to free.

Just my 2cents.

Kind Regards,


Can we grow the FAQ please? I gave a shot below for a question I received. However, if you have remarks/suggestions on the following question/answer, please share:

Q:I already use TOGAF, COBIT, ISO27002, why do I need SABSA?
A:SABSA is not a replacement for other methods or standards. SABSA is an architecture that allows any method or standard to cover their area, no need to do things twice. However SABSA ensures that everything around information risk is covered and in line with the business goals. If any conflict comes up, then that proves that there is a discrepancy with a business goal.

SABSA also provides a well documented link between business goal and investments doen and vice versa, a crucial capability to run the business and compliance.

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